Ode To The Lake

Never felt I a calm more intense
Than that of your shores in the eve
Patiently waiting dreaming of suitors
That eagerly bathe in your stream.

The horizon you fill with colorful strands
With the sun undressed in the day
Of purple and blue and green are these bands
That too gleam at night on the Bay

On my skin I feel the dew of your touch
As I float on the blanket you lain
Between you and the stroke of the sun’s golden brush
Like in velvet my figure you drape

Don’t be lonely my sea, Majestic you are
A portrait of beauty and strength
Like thousands of diamonds and pearls on a string
You sparkle and shimmer with depth

Tell me what things you’ve seen that I can’t
Below the weight of your folds
Creatures and flora and vessels that sank.
That go unexplained and untold.

Your surface rippling in the northern sun
Like a haven of space and light
So quiet and peaceful your musical hum
Like that of a kiss in the night

Many a vessel traversing your path
And gently you nudge them along
So often they pass you and never look back
To bow in respect of your song.

Sevy Haswell

Sevy Haswell lives in Bay Village.

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Volume 3, Issue 17, Posted 3:05 PM, 08.23.2011