Bay Village historical sites go digital!

Over the past two years, Bay Village Historical Society members Virginia Peterson and Kay Laughlin have been working with Bay High teachers to make the story of Bay Village and Dover Township more accessible to students and the community as a whole.

As part of work on a U.S. Department of Education grant, Rob Grossman and his colleague, Dave Peters, reviewed historic sites, analyzed primary sources and conducted oral histories for publication on the new smartphone app, Cleveland Historical.

Through this app, anyone with a smartphone can navigate an interactive map and access historical content – including audio files, photos and text – based on location. At this time, Bay Village has two sites on the app: Rose Hill and the Huntington Reservation. In the near future, Cahoon Memorial Park, the Lawrence estate, and possibly the Parkview School site will be added to the app. Cleveland Historical can be downloaded for free at For those without a smartphone, Cleveland Historical can be accessed on the web at (search Rose Hill and Huntington Reservation).

Ron Grossman and Kay Laughlin

Kay Laughlin is  a historian for the Bay Village Historical Society.

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Volume 3, Issue 18, Posted 4:21 PM, 09.07.2011