The Perfect Night

A night sky, yet clear as day, where stars run wild within your gaze.
A blanket lain across a plush, patch of grass, soft to the touch.
With giant mugs of warmth within, a sip we take, lips touch the rim.
And chocolate feasts of paradise, they melt so slow, yet taste so nice.
The Borealis and the Milky Way, the Ninth Wonders shall I say.
How wonderful the view from here, so far away, yet seem so near.
Enjoy the comfort of a friend, when daily woes make one feel spent.
Hand in hand we two can lose, ourselves in one another’s shoes.
This perfect night does have to end,
but friend’s we’ll be until the end.

Sevy Haswell

I'm a Bay Village resident and proud to live in this beautiful city.

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Volume 3, Issue 18, Posted 4:22 PM, 09.07.2011