Voodoo engineering?

The City of Westlake’s engineer seems to have confused voodoo for engineering. He claims that Westlake’s sanitary sewer collection system problem is not with the City of Westlake, but instead is a result of the operation of  the Rocky River Wastewater Treatment Plant. Yet he has no evidence of this – or perhaps he does, he just has not shared it with the community. The City of Westlake has not contacted the RRWWTP management to notify them that they are causing our city a problem. Why not?  

He has not gathered any information to substantiate this claim. He has not analyzed any data from which to draw such a conclusion. Yet, this statement allows him to ignore any possibility that the problem may be in the city of Westlake sanitary sewer collection system. How is this possible?    

You see, when you have no facts, no data, and you have no plan to collect data upon which a theory may rest, the only thing you have left is...voodoo.

Now I ask you: Are the residents of the city of Westlake going to rely on the advice of a voodoo practitioner posing as an engineer? Engineering requires planning, data gathering, analysis of facts, communication, coordination, consultation with colleagues. None of which has been done by the city of Westlake’s engineer.

An engineer cannot ignore facts simply because his manager asks him to. An engineer’s job is to gather the data and present the data. If the data points to an inadequate system, so be it. It is not the engineer’s job to ignore the facts so the manager can use his resources to fund a palace (city hall) or a playground (city park).

Apparently the Westlake City Council heeds the advice of the engineer because they have no plan to ask the sewer manager the reason for the sewer problem.

– Paul Makuh, Westlake

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Volume 3, Issue 19, Posted 2:52 PM, 09.20.2011