Pet owners offer kennel solution to Bay officials

This letter was read to the Bay Village City Council at their regular meeting Oct. 3 by representatives from Friends of Bay Village Kennel.

Over the past year, Friends of Bay Village Kennel (FOBVK) has worked to raise awareness about the status and operation of the Bay Village animal kennel. We found that many of our citizens were unaware of the kennel’s existence and that it was operated to provide safe harbor for escaped pets of Bay’s residents as well as to hold stray or abandoned animals until owners or adopters could be found. FOBVK has also worked to raise funds to help with the construction/maintenance/operation of an improved or new kennel.

In light of the fact that our existing kennel must be demolished to allow for the construction of the mandated salt truck wash station, a new kennel is the only remaining option.

We are pleased to be able to tell you, tonight, that FOBVK has secured sufficient funding, from a local private foundation and from donations, to completely fund the construction of a new kennel facility. In a previous conversation between members of FOBVK, Mayor Sutherland and Mr. Dan Galli, a proposed location for the new kennel was tentatively determined to be at the police station, at or near the police garage, on Wolf Road. We are now at a point, and because time is waning before our existing kennel is destroyed, where further serious conversation can be held to determine the scope of the project, its cost and a time frame for design and the completion of construction.

Additionally, several concerned citizens have offered their services, on a pro-bono basis, to provide assistance with:

  • Preliminary architectural programming and project definition
  • Preliminary engineering
  • Legal and accounting needs
  • Landscaping and site adapting
  • Construction issues and cost estimating

Also, several volunteers have stepped forward to assist with:

  • Veterinary needs and assistance with building programming
  • Grant writing
  • Media and public relations
  • Resources for foster care, adoptions, rescues
  • Fund raising for future maintenance, operation and animal care needs

We are very pleased to be able to offer assistance to this substantial degree.

Over the past several months, relationships have been established with local financial, business and animal support people. Their interest is bolstered by the 2,428 signatures obtained on two recent petitions expressing the need, as well as desire, for the kennel to continue its operation. Many concerned constituents view the need for a kennel to be a matter of safety, as well as practical and humane animal control.

We look forward to the start of planning discussions with committee, or whomever from city administration, the police department and the service department, to plan and execute the construction of a practical, efficient kennel of which all in our community can be proud.

It is important, however, that there be a commitment from the city to manage the facility and to provide proper liaison with organizations or individuals that can help with adoptions, rescues or foster care.

We ask that you consider leaving existing ordinances relative to animal care and control in place until a plan for a new kennel can be either adopted or rejected.

Our friends, the animals, are depending on us to be the care-takers and providers that nature intended for humankind. We look forward to working with you to do so.
Thank you,
Friends of Bay Village Kennel

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Volume 3, Issue 21, Posted 5:17 PM, 10.18.2011