Westlake support group connects moms concerned about child's development

Connecting for Kids, a Westlake nonprofit organization, was launched to meet the needs of moms with questions or concerns about their child’s development. This networking organization will connect parents to resources in the community and support the moms as they help their child grow and develop. Whether a child has a formal diagnosis or if parents are just questioning if their child’s development is typical compared to same-aged peers, Connecting for Kids can help.        

Connecting for Kids offers a variety of services for its family subscribers including a safe, private website – connectingforkids.org – where moms can post questions or concerns anonymously.  The group also meets in various Westside locations to connect moms during coffee, dinner and family events.  

In addition, we offer a free speaker series on parent education topics. The first topic is “Parenting 101: How to get your kid to do what you say?" and will feature Christie Kimbler, MEd, from A Positive Approach and Cindy Rawlings, MEd, from Special Needs Solutions. These Childhood Intervention Specialists have over 40 years combined experienced working on Behavior Interventions. 

The event will be Oct. 25 at 7 p.m. at Westlake Porter Public Library. The series is free, with supervised activities for children provided. Contact Sarah Rintamaki at 216-570-4326 or sarahrintamaki@connectingforkids.org for more details or to RSVP for the event.

Sarah Rintamaki

Sarah Rintamaki is the Executive Director of Connecting for Kids.

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Volume 3, Issue 21, Posted 4:58 PM, 10.18.2011