Skeletons at Night

I awaken to the howl of a werewolf, loud as a siren.
My crackling bones get out of the casket made of iron.
I walk through the cemetery so quiet and scary.
I bump into a skeleton who calls herself “Mary”.
I hear creepy groans and skeleton bones, an owl that hoots and wears tiny boots.
I see gravestones, slithering snakes and blood sucking bats.
I smell rotting flesh and hear hissing cats.
I feel sticky spider webs and fall into an open grave
I climb out, look back and say “I’m Sorry!” to Mary’s husband, Dave.
My stomach grumbles and craves coffee and chocolate cake.
Off to the café for a jumbo mocha shake.
Mary had coffee that tasted like sludge,
and I had the cake that tasted like fudge.
Mary tells me that coffee will go right through me,
I pay no attention and leave a puddle for all to see.
After the night is over, back to the casket I go.
For tomorrow is another day for me to get more Jo.

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Volume 3, Issue 22, Posted 11:25 AM, 11.01.2011