Therapeutic massage improves physical, mental health

As we get ready for the return of snow, we becoming increasingly aware that now is the time that seasonal and holiday-related stress begins. Any day now we will need to scrape ice from our windshields and shovel our driveways. The numerous holiday shopping commercials are the start of expanding holiday-time stress. Winter and preparing for celebrations put increasing demands on our minds and our bodies. 

Though some of these stressors are unavoidable, no one needs to become overwhelmed. Meeting the challenges of winter and the holidays can have effects  similar to running a marathon. One of the best ways to cope is to become proactive and have a plan. It is totally appropriate and most beneficial to think of ways in which you can plan to find stress relief for both body and mind.

You may be asking, “With all I need to do how can I plan for time to relax?” The fact of the matter is the more activities added into a busy schedule, the greater the need to relax your mind and body. One way to accomplish stress reduction for both mind and body is to receive a therapeutic massage. If your time is very limited, therapeutic chair massages offer shorter sessions.

Therapeutic chair massage is done in 15-20 minute sessions. In this brief amount of time, the massage relaxes your mind and your body. The positive benefits of chair massage include: reducing muscle tension and pain, increasing blood circulation and prevention of repetitive-stress injuries. Relaxed muscles and better blood circulation relieve emotional stress. Jody Bell, licensed in therapeutic massage, states: “Chair massage can offer results that boost a person’s energy, alertness and improve his or her productivity.” 

As part of our Compeer Program’s goal to incorporate integrated holistic health services for mental health we now offer therapeutic chair massage to the consumers of Far West Center. Anxiety and muscle tension have reciprocal effects on each other: anxiety increases muscle tension and muscle tension can increase anxiety. 

Shari, a woman managing mental illness and heart-related issues, has been trying therapeutic chair massage. After a recent heart attack, it is extremely important for Shari to relieve anxiety and stress. She needs to reduce muscle tension on her heart and also needs to reduce stress to in order to manage the symptoms of mental illness.

“I found it very relaxing, both body and mind," Shari said. "It is a nice experience.”

If you are interested in finding out more information about therapeutic massage and chair massage, please call Jody Bell at Far West Center, 440-835-6212, ext. 263.

Denise Ayres

The Compeer Program has been serving adults that are managing mental illness from our Far West Center office fo almost 21 years.

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Volume 3, Issue 23, Posted 4:17 PM, 11.16.2011