Compeer Program gives the gift of 'belonging'

There is no doubt this is busy season for most of us. Now we are in the final “crunch time” before we share the holidays with our families and friends. We travel over to Crocker Park and other shopping places, and out of our love and caring, we try to find that right match of gift to person on our list. 

Our Compeer Program at Far West Center would like to share our gift suggestion. Please take a moment to read our message. This message was part of the presentation at our recent “Compeer Annual Winter Celebration of Friendship” held on Dec. 8 at Bay Lodge. It was part of our first annual “State of the Union,” or more so, “The State of Compeer Address 2011.” 

Thank you for reading our articles this past year. By reading our articles you are showing that you prioritize the importance of mental health. We can all agree that we need mental health! We thank you for supporting our mental health recovery services for people in your community. Compeer looks forward to connecting with many of you in 2012!

The 2011 Compeer Celebration of Friendship

The Compeer Program was designed 38 years ago in New York. Compeer began when caring people recognized how conversation and friendship increased the recovery rate of adults managing mental illness. Since the beginning, Compeer’s “healing power of friendship “has gone on to improve lives. Members begin to feel better and a sense of belonging. Volunteers begin to discover how much they give to others by sharing friendship.

Compeer at Far West Center began in 1989. When we start 2012, our Compeer Program will be in its 23rd year of service and friendship. We have seen firsthand the ways Compeer can lift spirits and transform lives. Our Compeer Program works to create a supportive network of caring people. In this year of 2011 we have reached our goal. 

A sense of belonging warms our hearts, helps quiet our fears, motivates us to help others, gives us security, encourages us to dream and empowers us to reach new goals. 

A sense of belonging is exactly what Compeer wants to give each of you. A sense of belonging is the important gift you are giving to each other!

So here’s to all of you! We all belong together in this coming year of 2012. Here’s to Compeer! 

Denise Ayres

The Compeer Program has been serving adults that are managing mental illness from our Far West Center office fo almost 23 years.

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Volume 3, Issue 25, Posted 2:51 PM, 12.13.2011