A thank you to those who make Bay special

I love living in Bay Village. I love it for so many reasons. If you have lived other places and now live in Bay Village, you probably love it, too.  

Bay Village is a great place for many reasons. I feel very safe living here. I know my neighbors and cherish them. I think it's truly beautiful during all the seasons. I think a drive down Lake Road can be relaxing with occasional views of the the lake in between the houses. I love our charming coffee shops and the patrons that say hello when you walk in. I think the beach is a fun place to ride your bike for ice cream or clear your head if you have things on your mind.  

I love Bay Village for many obvious reasons. I would like to thank anyone who sits in a position or on a board, panel, counsel, organization, committee – paid and unpaid – that is committed to keeping our town special. I know that our community is special because good people are committed to keeping it that way.

I know that many times we focus on problems and changes that we would like to see made but thank you for caring enough about this community to sit and listen. I am sure there are times when you would like to be other places and I don't know if we appreciate you enough for what you do. Thank you for your well-exercised patience, your commitment to the community and your kindness.

Colleen Harding

I live in Bay Village.

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Volume 4, Issue 1, Posted 12:22 PM, 01.10.2012