Westlake resident shares history of her hobby

Ruth Kostur, an 81-years-young resident at the Gardens at Westlake, is known around the building for her handmade quilts and stitched items. A part-time hobby that she took up after retiring from Women’s Federal Bank at age 63, Ruth’s passion has grown into a daily routine.

Looking for a hobby to occupy her time, Ruth turned to her sister – an expert knitter – who got her interested in working with a “knitting machine.” The machine used a computer to program different items such as socks, robes and even booties – what normally took her two evenings to do could now be completed in one.

Ruth also attended seminars with her sister to increase her skills on the knitting machine until her sister decided to teach seminars so they would not have to travel. Ruth purchased a knitting machine of her own, which at that time cost $600. The manufacturer soon went out of business and replacement parts became hard to find.

Looking for something new, Ruth and her sister took interest in an embroidery machine, which Ruth purchased for $3.600, and soon she was doing sweatshirts and everything else imaginable. Ruth recalled that her sister seemed to easily talk her into everything, but they always had a good time together.

Unfortunately Ruth’s sister passed away in 2011 and Ruth started a new hobby of making quilts. This required yet another investment, this time a $200 machine that prepares the quilts for her to hand stitch. She now has 2 machines, depending on the project she is working on and which machine works best for the project.  

Ruth recently hand made hats, scarves and mittens for the Gardens at Westlake Mitten Tree with all items going to the Westlake Community Department for Christmas baskets.

Ruth also enjoys her children, four grandchildren and five great-grand children.

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Volume 4, Issue 1, Posted 12:29 PM, 01.10.2012