Is someone you love destroying family harmony?

Are you at your wit’s end?  There is help and hope available! Families Anonymous is a FREE 12-step program that is designed for family members who have a loved one who has alcohol, drug and/or behavioral problems. 

We are happy to inform you that there are two meeting sites within the neighborhood. Our newest location is at CrossPointe Community Church, 1800 Columbia Rd., Westlake, at 6:00 p.m. Sunday evenings. Hope Christian Church, 32625 Detroit Rd. in Avon has been hosting meetings at 7:00 p.m. on Thursdays for the past five years. 

Come experience this friendly, supportive environment. Listen to others' experiences and share your own when you feel comfortable. All are welcome – regardless of our various beliefs – or lack of belief. One of the most important aspects of Families Anonymous is that it truly is an anonymous meeting. What is said, who you see, and what you hear stays at the meetings. We only know each other on a first name basis. When there is anonymity, it creates an atmosphere of trust and openness, which is basic to healing.  

When someone you love struggles with alcohol, drug and/or behavioral problems, the family is also affected. The meetings are set up, not for the addict or alcoholic, but for those family members who are heartbroken, fearful and distressed. We all know that chemical abuse hits every neighborhood, every ethnicity, every age, every financial status, and every faith expression. Our love and devotion as a parent, spouse, sibling or a friend is not bigger than addiction. We all have thought that it is – but truth be told, it’s not. Yes, it’s a sad reality. No one can change another person’s behavior, but we can change ours.

Just as we know the only way an addict or alcoholic will make changes in their lives is when they make the decision to stop using, we, too, learn to make our own changes. Families Anonymous offers care, support, and guidance for the family members. Those who really learn to work this incredible 12-step program have come to know that they can live comfortably, peacefully and have serenity in their own lives, in spite of the unresolved problems of their loved ones.

If you should have any questions, please call our FA Helpline at 440-779-HELP (4357). Feel free to visit our website at We are not counselors or professionals. We are real family members who have found a better way to live and would love to offer you the same freedom from worry. We are a phone call and a meeting away. You are not alone!

Joyce S.

Joyce S. is the public information chairperson for Northeast Ohio Families Anonymous.

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Volume 4, Issue 4, Posted 2:34 PM, 02.21.2012