Parts of the Whole

I am the one who longs to be Superwoman,
Yet plummets into despair as I push against
My true self.

I am the one who wants to travel the world,
To experience the sensation of wealth
And the hopelessness of poverty.
I am the one who protects you from those
Who would harm you. I shield you from any evil
Which may be near.

I am the one  who encourages your inner artist.
The one who battles depression,
The one who brings you joy.

I am the one who is tucked in a small corner
Of your heart. I remind you of the innocence of
Childhood and how easily it is lost.

I am the one who travels on your journey.
I have been with you since the beginning.
I will remain by your side until your work is done.

Dianne Borowski

Dianne Borowski lives in Bay Village.

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Volume 4, Issue 8, Posted 11:13 AM, 04.17.2012