Help set world record and promote safe boating May 19

Ready, Set, Wear it is a national event to kick off safe boating week. A local event will be held at the Bay Boat Club on Saturday, May 19, at noon. Bring your lifejacket and help set a world record for the number of people wearing their lifejacket.

The local event is sponsored by the Bay Spirit of America (SOA) Youth Boating Education Program. Additional sponsors include the National Safe Boating Council and the Ohio Division of Watercraft.

The local event will include SOA students, members of the Bay Boat Club, local Sea Scouts and any others who will pose for a photograph to submit to the webpage at This event is a reminder that lifejackets only work if you wear them. 

Most boating fatalities occur in boats where lifejackets are present but not worn. The Sprit of America Youth Boating Program is committed to teaching youth the importance of wearing your lifejacket whenever you are in a boat or on the dock.

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George Christ

I am coordinator of the West Cuyahoga Spirit of America Safe Boating Program.

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Volume 4, Issue 9, Posted 10:31 AM, 05.01.2012