Link to Bay Village’s past returns to family roots for Cahoon in June

One of the vendors at Cahoon in June will add a bit of history to the June 16 event just by showing up. Lori Aldrich, who will man a table for her Westlake dog boutique Just Dogs Gourmet, is the last member of the founding Aldrich family of Bay Village.

Lori’s great-great-great-great-grandparents, Aaron and Betsy Aldrich, moved to Dover Township from Rhode Island in 1816. Their home on Lake Road still stands today, with the exterior, rooms, floors, doors and windows still as they were originally built. Most of the furnishings from the original Aldrich home are in Rose Hill Museum.

Besides farming, Aldrich made furniture and had a tannery for making leather goods. He was a community leader and a judge elected by the townspeople. His grandson, William Aldrich II, was the first clerk of Bay Village after it seceded from Dover Township in 1903.

William’s son, Clifton Aldrich (Lori’s great-grandfather), served as park superintendent in charge of Cahoon Park, Rose Hill and the Community House. He planted and tended the park’s Rose Garden until he retired from service to the city.

Lori’s grandmother, Esther Dietz Aldrich, worked as secretary to Mayor Spencer Houk.

Although Lori does not live in Bay Village, she has heard many stories about her family’s impact on the community and was once given a private tour of the Aldrich home by its current owner.

On June 16, along with many other vendors, Lori will set up shop in Cahoon Park, on land that her ancestors settled, farmed and cared for.

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Volume 4, Issue 12, Posted 9:47 AM, 06.12.2012