Revere the democratic process

How often do we take things for granted? Do we really appreciate the fact that we can sit in the comfort of our easy chair, in the midst of our calm surroundings and watch as the world goes by? With all of our advantages and material goods we are often lulled into a quiet existence. 

Unlike other countries, we can live without fear of shortage of water or food, live without fear of violence and we can live without fear of repercussions for our political views. This truly is the land of good and plenty and sometimes we need to be reminded of that.  

The current presidential election brings to light the way in which we Americans treat our candidates. We feel comfortable lashing out at a candidate who does not share our political viewpoint, has a new idea or wants to lead the country in a new direction. We berate the current candidates with slander, unfounded accusations, past mistakes and yet all we have to do is sit at home and just watch. 

The only request our political elected officials ask of us is to go to the polls and mark a vote, that’s all they ask of us. Walk into a polling booth and make our X. Is that really fair? Shouldn’t we be doing more than that?   

We need to support our elected officials by helping them with a plan, help them make the decisions that affect us and the future of our grandchildren. We can start at the local level of government, the council people for our city, the state legislatures and all the way up to our federal government officials. 

Let’s not sit back in our easy chair and attack character, or begin a personal assault on someone because they do not share our political views. Politicians live in a fish bowl existence that most of us would cower away from. They are constantly being scrutinized, sometimes by the very people that elected them. That is not fair to them, our democratic process or the millions of lives that have been sacrificed so that we may enjoy these freedoms.

This great nation has the brightest minds, the most loyal citizens and the fiercest military. Let us continue to make strides as we have done for hundreds of years. Let us work together and let us revere the democratic process with the respect it deserves.

Robin Munoz

Robin Munoz,

Bay Resident,

Common sense citizen with respect for all. 

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Volume 4, Issue 14, Posted 12:48 PM, 07.10.2012