A story about Daisy

A few months ago, my family brought me a very small little dog (Daisy), only six months old, because my little dog of many years had passed away last year and they knew just how much I missed my Charmin (like the toilet paper!).

Daisy was a doll, part Chiw and part Dacsy...apparently she had been literally thrown out in a trash bin, with four of her siblings, and left to die. A kind person heard the pups crying and found them, took them to a vet for checkups and shots, paying for this with her own money. She also notified the authorities. 

I had Daisy for about nine days, and realized that perhaps she was a little too active for me, living in an apartment, and having to run with her many, many times a day. But I found a wonderful home for her! A young friend who works with my daughter in a care facility had a loss in her family and was searching for a small dog for comfort and companionship, and also to train as a "therapy" dog at the care facility she works in. 

The match was made in heaven, I am happy to say, and the residents of the care facility look forward to seeing this adorable little brown, black and white dog with the unending wagging tail come running down the hall to visit them! 

I have never seen a cat open doors, but this one jumps up to turn knobs, and visits all the residents daily...he also knows how to operate the elevators, to the frustration of staff members.    

The only difficulty here is Oscar the cat, who has been an inhabitant there for many years and defends his territory. I am a volunteer there, for many years, and I have witnessed some very strange behavior when Oscar decides to get his own way!

I thought readers would like to read about  a truly awesome ending to a sad beginning, in the life of a little dog.

shirlee mangan

Hi! I am a retired nurse, enjoy writing, painting, volunteering at Eliza jennings Home in Cleveland Ohio, and an animal advocate!

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Volume 4, Issue 17, Posted 9:59 AM, 08.21.2012