Sea Scout Interlux project applauded by Bay Village Green Team

Sea Scout Jack Rodman & Commodore Scott Engel presenting to Bay Village Green Team

On Tuesday, Aug. 14, the Bay Village Sea Scouts made a presentation to the Bay Village Green Team on their Interlux Waterfront Challenge project combating toxic algal blooms in Lake Erie. Sea Scout Jack Rodman explained that the sea scouts planted Blue Flag iris along the shoreline at the Spitzer Marina to help absorb phosphorus (a contributing cause in the growth of blue green algae) and nitrogen (a chemical that causes hypoxia). 

The Sea Scouts have also planted Blue Flag Iris along the creek at Bay Presbyterian Church; and Mayor Deborah Sutherland has given permission to plant Blue Flag Iris along the Cahoon Creek behind the Community House. Both creeks flow directly into Lake Erie. 

In conjunction with the planting of iris to reduce run-off pollution in our lake, the Sea Scouts designed a wind-operated device to circulate oxygen-rich surface water down to the lake bottom. The oxygen-starved bottom waters lead to hypoxia, creating dead zones which destroy the habitat of creatures such as worms and midge larva.

With the bottom of the aquatic food pyramid gone, the marine ecosystem is destroyed. The wind turbine, nicknamed "O'Tumbler," has been installed at the end of G dock at the Spitzer Lakeside Marina. The Sea Scouts are optimistic that the marine life in that area will now thrive. For more details and to see the turbine in action go to YouTube, search for Bay Village Sea Scouts, and look for the O’Tumbler video.

Lt. Col. Paul Moody, U.S. Army Engineer, commended the sea scouts on their efforts, saying, “Your education program, Blue Flag iris planting program and wind powered aeration device are excellent examples of ways that seemingly small changes in behavior can have a large and lasting influence on the Great Lakes and the environment.”

Richard Gash

Adult leader with Sea Scout Ship 41. Contact

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Volume 4, Issue 17, Posted 10:00 AM, 08.21.2012