Unity Spiritual Center book study groups are forming now!

Fall is here! School is starting! Do you wish for the days when you looked forward to meeting new friends and learning new things? At Unity Spiritual Center, you still can!

As a part of the annual Fall Program at Unity, the 2012 Book Study Groups are beginning their signup the week of Aug. 19. There are over 15 different groups in various Greater Cleveland locations, as well as Unity Spiritual Center at 23855 Detroit Rd. in Westlake, accepting members for the seven weekly gatherings. Their book this year is "How to Pray Without Talking to God."

Interesting title! Reverend Linda Martella-Whitsett is the author, and the book shows you how to develop a true spiritual practice by re-forming the words of traditional prayers. The book also covers how to cultivate a habit of daily prayer and meditation as well as learning to pray with others.

I have read the book, and I would highly recommend both the book and the study groups to you. It definitely presents a very different way of looking at prayer! It makes you think, and I look forward to my study group starting so that I can share with others my experience with "How to Pray Without Talking to God."

The discussions among folks from all different backgrounds are very thought-provoking and stimulating! The only way to experience this is to become part of one of the study groups, and all are welcome.

Because the groups are led by trained facilitators, it makes for an interesting, educational time when you can meet new members of the community in a great environment which gives individuals time for themselves and an opportunity to make new friends.

For more information about group times and locations, please contact Diane or Tom at 440-777-0849 or talltom13@msn.com. Sign up begins Aug. 19 and ends Sept. 13. For further information regarding the purchase and pick-up of the book, please contact the USC Bookstore at 440-360-7650. 

An even greater addition to the study groups are the Sunday lessons at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. each Sunday which will anchor the study groups with thought-provoking lessons, uplifting music and a welcoming community. The topics truly amplify what happens in the weekly study groups:

  • Sept. 16:"God is Not a Superhuman"
  • Sept. 23: "Wake Up!"
  • Sept. 30: "The Language of Prayer"
  • Oct. 7: "What Can Be, Can BE"
  • Oct. 14: "The Fruit of Daily Prayer"
  • Oct. 21: "Who Ya Gonna Call?"
  • Oct. 28: "OMG: "Oh My Goodness" with author Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett

Yes, that's right, as your study group experience draws to a close, you can meet the author! She will be with us on Sunday, Oct. 28, not only for Sunday Services but also for a workshop that afternoon on "How to Claim Your Spiritual Authority" OMG! Please join us for the Fall Program Study Groups and the related Sunday lessons. You, too, can learn how to develop your very own spiritual practice. For more information, please see www.unityspiritualcenter.com or call 440-835-0400.


jan litterst

Jan Litterst is a member of the Board of Trustees of Unity Spiritual Center.

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