This is a stand up against bullying

We’ve all experienced that one moment, when you feel alone and worthless. We’ve all escaped happy dreams to wake up to a living nightmare. We’ve all been taken up to be pushed back down again. We’ve all faked a smile though puffy eyes and quivering lips. We’ve all been bullied.

I’ve been through countless minutes of "No Bullying" assemblies and lengthy lectures about being nice to each other. What adults don’t realize is that those long speeches help as much as taking a fish out of water. It doesn’t work.

Bullies might feel bad in the moment, but once the speaking is done and the chairs are cleared, it will be brushed off their shoulders and lost from their minds. Then it’s back to usual, and that one kid, who pledges to be himself, is punished for it.

School has started. Every day you have no choice but to walk down the same hallway, where you feel so defenseless of other people’s views on you. It’s the worst feeling in the world, being approached by someone who hates you and you don’t know why. Never believe a word they say.

You know who’s beautiful? Read the first word of that sentence again – it's you. Those people who are judging you before turning your pages are going to miss a very amazing story.

Bullying doesn’t only happen in school, but on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Not seeing their victim boosts the bully to do more damage, you can say whatever you want without hesitation. Keep in mind that anyone can see what you’re posting and instead of fighting fire with fire, just report or delete the comment made and move on. They are not worth it.

That girl who bullies called annoying and worthless and ugly? One day, she may be the only doctor that can save their life. Think about your words before you say them, because once the horrible words are floating in the air, you can’t take them back. A knife will cut, but words will scar.

Humiliation. Seeing that word can make most people tremble. It happens to everyone and comes along with the bullying. Red-cheeked agony is that one thing that always drives people up the wall when it comes to mean kids. Whether it’s embarrassing appearance, weight or clothing comments, it hurts just as much as being pushed into lockers.

Bullying is bad. Period. This is my Stand Up, against the people who are those dark clouds on your sunny day. Here’s to the kids who fight it every day and still believe they're amazing and I’m here for the kids who are fighting to believe it.

For now, dry your eyes, put in your ear buds, blast One Direction's “What Makes You Beautiful” and tell yourself that everything is alright even though you’re walking through a war zone.

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Volume 4, Issue 18, Posted 10:52 AM, 09.05.2012