Gardens at Westlake resident wins big at downtown casino

Kay Rehor was the big winner in the Gardens at Westlake outing to Horseshoe Casino.

On a recent, sunny afternoon, residents from the Gardens at Westlake senior living facility departed on one of their many planned outings for the month, but the first-time trip to the Horseshoe Casino in Cleveland proved to be beyond anyone’s expectation.

Once the group arrived at the casino everyone went to the various areas they wanted, so they were not all in the same location at one time. After enjoying the afternoon there they had lunch and then boarded the bus to return to the Gardens.

On the bus, the activity director chatted with the residents, asking if anyone won any money. Several said they won small amounts but it came as a shock when resident Kay Rehor quietly announced she had won $5,400 and waved her check in the air for all to see.

Kay related that she played slot machines on the first floor and had little success so she then moved on to the slot machines on the second floor. The first machine she played turned out to be the winning machine for her as the flashing lights went on and she was informed what she won. Naturally, the first question was if she wanted it in cash or a check; she immediately declined cash and once taxes were automatically deducted she received her check.

When asked if she had decided to do anything special with the money she said she really had not given it any thought but did plan on returning to the casino with her son the following weekend.

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Volume 4, Issue 19, Posted 9:59 AM, 09.18.2012