Artist to share her journey of expression through printmaking

This photo of lithograph artist Phyllis Fannin and her husband George greeting their son Mark home from Afghanistan in February 2011, gives weight to Fanninís belief that images can express more than words.

Artist Phyllis Fannin will present “A Woman’s Journey in Print,” on Thursday, Nov. 8, at 7 p.m., at Westlake Porter Public Library, 27333 Center Ridge Rd. Her program outlines a 20-year focus of feminine emotions of her generation and her lithographic art which captures these emotions.

As part of her program, Fannin who has been specializing in the use of photocopies for her printing plates, will give a demonstration of a hand-pressed version of the “paper lithography” printing process. She describes this 20-year-old process as one that uses toner-based photocopies that roll-up with oil-based printers ink in a water resist, as in traditional lithography.

Fannin’s program, which is presented by the Westlake-Westshore Arts Council, will offer insights on her current project titled “All Who Serve.” This suite of work was inspired by the emotions that her family experienced in the deployment of two sons in the military to war zones. “The work is being created from my personal photographic collection of my family’s experiences, and other families at the time of the painful good-bye moments to the abounding relief in the joyous welcome home reunions,” Fannin stated.

Believing strongly that images can be far more expressive than words, Fannin describes her new work as “a quiet yet powerful format for honoring the families who exist in the canyons of anxiety while their loved ones are serving far from home, in the emptiness that person’s absence creates.” From the creation and exhibition of her first print in this moving work, Fannin reports it has been met with overwhelming responses and has awakened people to the personal struggles of military families and service personnel.

The WWAC offers this exceptional and timely program to the community without charge.

Louise Seeholzer

Publicist for Westlake-Westshore Arts Council

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