Community comes through to save 'Peanut,' the poodle found in Porter Creek

Dillon and Logan Slaman-Forsythe with Peanut, just after her surgery.

The morning started very early on Monday, Oct. 22, for Peanut's surgery at Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital in Copley Ohio. Terrified of the dark, she began biting at us in the car before we even left home, never having done that before. When we took her into the hospital, we were so nervous about her going under anesthesia. I could tell Peanut was, too. We kept praying she would be okay. When the nurse took Peanut for her surgery, we were all so happy to know that she wouldn't have any more troubles; whatever happened.      

The waiting we had to endure was incredible. I have never felt tension that strong except when I lost my little brother Teddy when I was seven. We went to a Christian bookstore. Going there helped us a lot with our worries. Finally it was time to pick her up.

The receptionist told us that Peanut was having a hard time waking up. Dr. Messner had surgically removed several teeth and many more had simply fallen out without effort due to the terrible infection she suffered. Minute-by-minute turned into more hours of waiting. Peanut finally woke up. We were so happy that God answered our prayer!  

When she got in the car, she started biting at us again. It wasn’t just because of the anesthesia in her, but something more. With that came scary and sad questions: Did the person who owned her love her? Was she abused? I do know who does care, the community of people here in Bay Village and Westlake and others that have touched our hearts with all the love and compassion that they have given. We are in awe that all her financial needs were met. Thank you from our hearts to everyone and all the stores that allowed posters and donation jars as well as the Westlake | Bay Village Observer.

Four days after surgery, Peanut is slowly showing signs of rehabilitation and has stopped biting at us. She is very happy that her mouth is better. I have learned one very important lesson: how to help someone in need, in this case, a desperate dog. It is sad to think about how so many other dogs and cats are lost in the world, but especially in Bay Village.

Animals need a place to go when they get lost. We will be speaking at the Nov. 5 City Council meeting to support the Friends of the Bay Village Kennel in building a new kennel. Think of Peanut. She was all alone and had no place to go but inside a rock wall of a creek. With all the rain, she would have drowned if the creek water had risen much higher. When I found her, I feel that was the last day for her. God saved Peanut. She was fortunate that someone found her. Sometimes it doesn’t always work out like that.

We are holding a "Peanut Party" in our front yard at 411 Longbeach Parkway in Bay Village, Sunday, Nov. 4 at 1 p.m., rain or shine. Please come and meet the little dog you saved! You can follow Peanut at

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Volume 4, Issue 22, Posted 7:31 PM, 10.30.2012