Lessons from a five-year-old

Lilianna Olivia Vaughn

Lilianna is my five year old. I was working on the computer during the summer when she asked me what I was doing. I explained that I was writing an article for the Observer newspaper about helping older people who are having trouble remembering things.

Light bulbs went off in her head and she decided she wanted to write articles to help older people too! I have enjoyed hearing her “articles” so much that I decided to have her “write” a weekly blog for me.

So that began Lessons from a Five Year Old! Here are samplings from her collection of wisdom:

“Being young is the best thing in the world…People care about you, people do things for you...it’s always in your life. But when you grow up, it’s not too fun, you miss your childhood. So that’s why I am reminding you.”

“Love, Red, Love, Blue...but the most thing I love is You. Sun shines down on my heart, and when my heart goes by you, I get so nervous. I get so nervous, that I have to go and You know I love you so! And the only thing that I could do to stop my love is love you even more Forever!”

“The tail on the top of my tippy toe, when I look at you I love you so! I burn up inside me and it hurts my glow! Even if you are older than me I still love you; I’ll always love you forever and ever until my heart goes to leave.”

“My heart is shining and your heart is shining. Wherever I walk is you. Everything inside you is glimmering in me. So can’t you see...the ocean is calling for you and me!

“Think about my heart, think about yours. There is more things in my heart, but there is more heart in yours. The music is better than anything else because it is singing about you!”

“Winter is far, Fall is so close. Fall is a happy season, winter isn’t noticed. But as long as you dream and pretend, you can find your own heart in a dead end!”

“Life is better than dreaming your course. Hold my hand and you will feel better. Coming to dreams is better than living, but living is the heart. Because your dreams give my heart a flash, you give me a dash!”

“When you look at the stars, you look so far. The stars will make you feel happy. Take this view so you will be happy and your heart will warn you if something happens; listen to the voice of your heart when you need somebody to care!”

“You dream of a big heart that went so far and now forever you will find a flower in your voice. So make your heart as big as the Sun and for the rest of your life you will have fun!”

“I love you so and you might know. If you haven’t found it, the thing that happens when you are loved in a better way. If you haven’t found it, I hope someday you will. You might feel pain if nobody loves you, you won’t when I’m around, I love you so.”

“You got your own thoughts, you got your own dreams, you got your own heart, you got your own everything!”

“Our life is great because the Fall makes us think of God and how the seasons change.”

“Nights are black and some are blue. Dreams are white and you are you! I think that some days I am the best and I know that you think some days you are the best. But why can’t we be the same thing?”

“Love is in my heart even when you went so far away. Sometimes it hurts me, but it is great to know that you are OK.”

“I remember when you talked to me so long ago. I know that you don’t like me anymore, but you started liking me before. It is always best to find someone else. So if you don’t like who is yours, don’t be sad they are the worst.”

“I’m going to a Halloween party; all the kids are in their costumes. What should I be? I don’t want to be anything; I just want to be ME!”

Kristi Vaughn

I am a Licensed Social Worker and owner of Adult Comfort Care.

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Volume 4, Issue 23, Posted 10:30 AM, 11.27.2012