Start 2013 by harnessing 'powers of the universe'

What a unique opportunity! "Powers of the Universe" is a new program at Unity Spiritual Center brought to you by a truly amazing facilitator, Maureen Haggerty, who shares her lifelong passion for our evolving Universe Story and the exploration of our evolving consciousness in which she is adept at making deep connections between the scientific, the philosophical and the spiritual!

This 12-week spiritual journey is based on cosmologist Brian Swimme's DVD series and the spirituality of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. You can now participate in this program which includes a unique combination of lecture, DVD viewing, group discussion, artistic expression, meditation and energy embodiment with energy exercises with Patrick Davis. Beginning Jan. 24, 6-9 p.m., at Unity Spiritual Center, this program explores the 10 cosmological dynamics that have shaped our universe since the Big Bang. More than that, you will learn how these dynamics continue to work through us from the cosmic to the personal level and from the scientific to the spiritual. This program can help you realize your deepest potential and transform your lives.

In my personal experience, I had the unique pleasure of attending this program several years ago with Maureen – it was so impactful that it literally was involved in a major life change for me! It is powerful! Others have found that it was an "Awesome series...helps bridge the gap between science and religion with a whole new language for expressing the inexpressible! I didn't want it to be over!"

Another commented, "This series has re-energized me! I find myself connecting the concepts with events, people and ideas in all parts of my life!"

Come and experience the "Powers of the Universe" for yourself. It is different for everyone who participates!

Every culture has known its cosmological story. Over time, the scientists began to hold this story as their private treasure, which led to a fragmented, confused and desperate culture and planet. As we are moving forward, it is imperative that we learn our new cosmological story, a story of awe and mystery as well as diversity and profound meaning in which the illusory divisions between science and spirituality melt away! This is a reverent exploration with a beacon of hope that will heal our planet, our culture and ourselves. It is a momentous journey not to be missed.

You can register for this Thursday evening series at Unity Spiritual Center's website, If you find that you need to miss a Thursday night program, you can attend the missed session on Tuesday evening of the following week at Cleveland Center for Conscious Living, making life easier for you and making sure that you do not miss a single session.

Additional program and registration information can be found on Unity's website. The cost for the series if you register by Dec. 31 is $150. After Dec. 31, prepaid registration is $180 or weekly $20 per person.  

Unity Spiritual Center is located at 23855 Detroit Rd. in Westlake. Questions regarding this program may be directed to Kathy Lowery, 440-835-0400.

jan litterst

Jan Litterst is a member of Unity Spiritual Center and its affiliate program Centered Wellness.

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Volume 4, Issue 25, Posted 10:37 AM, 12.11.2012