Join the Compeer mission for 2013: Inspire

January 2013 is here and has brought along all the possibilities of a new year. Some of us make New Year’s resolutions and most of us start to identify goals to achieve within the next twelve calendar pages.  Organizations do the same whether it is setting a target for earnings or expanding new ideas.

“Inspire” seems to be a perfect word to summarize what our Compeer Program would like to achieve in 2013. Inspire can have many meanings and most of them are related to helping others. The majority of those synonyms describe the actions of our Compeer volunteers. Our Compeer Program serves others by affirming a person’s worth, raising hope that good things are part of the future and encouraging individuals to reconnect with their communities.   

I have met many inspiring people in our cities. I am certain there are countless more I have yet to meet. If you can offer encouraging words to someone then you are an inspiring person. Inspiration does not have to be given in the form a large gesture. I have seen numerous times how sincere, consistent, kind, hopeful words can bring about major changes in another person’s life. These actions are often referred to as friendship. 

Our Compeer volunteers offer friendship to people that are managing depression, have anxiety and have become isolated. Compeer volunteers make phone calls, visit, plan community outings and inspire people to gain confidence. One of our volunteers has helped a young lady go from spending most days in her room to becoming someone that seeks out new experiences and is a social butterfly! This was accomplished by weekly phone calls and getting together throughout each month to shop or get a bite to eat. 

You do not need to be a super hero or an award winner to inspire others. You only need to be a friend. Please consider how your unique friendship could inspire someone else to reach their potential. Compeer welcomes adults to become part of our mission to inspire. Please call 440-835-6212, ext. 242, to see how volunteering for Compeer at Far West Center in Westlake can fit into your schedule. You can also email the Compeer Program in Westlake at:

Compeer offers training and ongoing support. We also offer a variety of fun social activities. Compeer is part of Compeer Inc., a nonprofit organization with more than 60 locations worldwide.  Find Compeer on the internet at:

Denise Ayres

The Compeer Program has been serving adults that are managing mental illness from our Far West Center office fo almost 22 years! The Compeer Program is a branch of Compeer, Inc., an international organizationwith over 60 locations worldwide. Compeer matches adult volunteers with same gender adult consumers of mental health services to provide friendship, inspire hope, and encourage them to reconncet with their communities.  

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Volume 5, Issue 2, Posted 12:00 PM, 01.22.2013