Tips for the ACT

Are you planning on taking the ACT test soon? Recently Jill Szeltner from College Now: Greater Cleveland shared some great tips with high school students at the Bay Village Branch Library for preparing for the ACT College Test.  It is important to do your best because most four-year schools require an entrance exam and having the appropriate score will ensure you are put into classes for college credit rather than “catch-up” classes. Also, doing well on the ACT test opens the door to more free scholarship money.

Some basic strategies for success that Ms. Szeltner suggested:

  • Answer every question. Do the easy questions first, and then go back for the more difficult ones. Pace yourself so you get through them all.
  • Read the answer choices carefully; sometimes one misread word can change the meaning of a sentence.
  • Use your test booklet. You can write in it, underline and cross items out.
  • Make use of the process of elimination. If you don’t know the right answer, eliminate the wrong ones and then take your best guess.

ACT test prep materials are available through the library and websites such as, and Learning Express, which is available through our library’s website. Go to, the Find Engine, and look for Learning Express Library under the A-Z List of Electronic Resources.

Know the format of the test you are taking, create a strategy and practice. Best of luck from the staff of the Bay Village Branch Library!

Sue Grame

Teen Librarian

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Volume 5, Issue 3, Posted 10:19 AM, 02.05.2013