Village Foundation accepting donations for Bay's Fourth of July fireworks

Last year, Bay Village Mayor Debbie Sutherland announced that the city could not afford fireworks due to budget constraints. Mayor Sutherland announced that an anonymous donor offered a generous donation to start a private fund to pay for 2012 fireworks. The donor promised an additional contribution for the 2013 display. These donations allowed the city to offer the traditional Fourth of July fireworks as a finale to Bay Days.

Beyond 2013, funds will have to come from private donations made specifically for this purpose to “The Bay Village Community Fireworks Fund,” which will be managed as a community service by The Village Foundation. This special fund is to enable citizens to make a  tax-deductible contributions to The Village Foundation specifically earmarked for the continuation of the annual fireworks display.

The regular Village Foundation funds from the annual drive will not be used for this purpose. Those funds are used to support many other projects throughout the city.

Fireworks are a big draw to Bay Days and to Bay businesses as well as to not-for-profit groups raising funds for their projects. Offering fireworks encourage attendance and creates the opportunity to “stay in Bay.” Some suggestions heard during the year include the possible formation of a committee representing vendors at Bay Days to come up with a plan to include the cost of fireworks as a percentage of their annual net proceeds. 

Another possibility is the formation of a group to go door to door to collect for this event. The community will welcome other suggestions. To get the fund started, several residents have made contributions and The Village Foundation granted the fund $1,000 for a total of just under $2,000. The goal will be to raise $11,000 before March 15, 2014, in time for the city to order the materials.

This is a donor-specified fund. All contributions made for this project must designate the “Community Fireworks Fund.” All funds maintained by The Village Foundation are carefully managed. Information is available at As with all requests for funds, the city will be required to submit a grant request along with documentation. Upon receipt, and providing that there are sufficient funds, a grant will be made by The Village Foundation to the City of Bay Village from the Community Fireworks Fund.

“The Bay Days celebration has included fireworks for more than fifty years,” said Village Foundation President Eileen Vernon. “The maintenance of this fund will allow residents, businesses and civic groups to raise money throughout the years for the fireworks display.” As Mayor Sutherland stated in her announcement last year, “this type of generosity is a hallmark of Bay Village citizens.”

Donations may be mailed to: The Bay Village Community Fireworks Fund, The Village Foundation, P.O. Box 10422, Bay Village, OH 44140.

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Volume 5, Issue 6, Posted 10:52 AM, 03.19.2013