Favorite Shirt

It's still one of my very favorite shirts. It is a Levi's long-sleeve denim with metal buttons and the small red Levi tag on the front pocket. I bought it at the GAP many years ago.

I looked "urban cool" when worn with a just-pressed pair of khakis and "spit-shined" round-toe cordovan shoes.

It got faded, old and worn but I could not put it in the Goodwill donation bag. I still loved it so, even with all its frayed cuffs, washed-out color and worn collar. By now it was super soft and sooo comfortable.

It became  the work shirt that I wore on the weekends as I attacked my to-do list.

I noticed it on the clothes line (my wife loves the sun and fresh air smell). The elbow showed a spot of paint from the baby's room, the rip from cleaning the gutters, spots from my attempt to change the oil in the car and grass stains you never quite get out.

I hope my old favorite lasts a few more wash cycles!

Dave scullin


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Volume 5, Issue 10, Posted 10:21 AM, 05.14.2013