Bradley Bay Health Center celebrates career STNAs

Each year, the second week of June is set aside to acknowledge the contributions made by those individuals who choose to make the nursing assistant profession their life’s work. These dedicated and caring individuals are, quite literally, the heart and the hands as they provide the hands-on care to those in need.

For residents without family nearby, the nursing assistant becomes their surrogate family. For those unable to care for themselves, it is the nursing assistant that performs those activities we all take for granted. Our most cherished treasures – our elders – are lovingly cared for by these “everyday heroes.”

In honor of National Nursing Assistants Week, the National Network of Career Nursing Assistants has inducted the following State Tested Nursing Assistants (STNAs) from Bradley Bay Health Center: Shannon Williams, Tammy Brigadier, Barbara Stump, Claudia Baker and Norma Matias, into the National Honor Society of Nursing Assistants in honor of their 20 years of dedicated service to others.

Bradley Bay is proud of our dedicated staff. Whether celebrating decades of service or new to the Bradley Bay family, all of our staff are valued and appreciated every day of the year. Congratulations, ladies, on 20 wonderful years of service!

Donna D'Amico

Bradley Bay is an assisted living and nursing home in Bay Village, serving our area for over 50 years.

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Volume 5, Issue 13, Posted 10:36 AM, 06.25.2013