Exercise is FUN!

There no special diet shake to help you lose weight except for the shake that your Gluteus Maximus makes when you exercise. One of the common themes I see when talking with my practice members about being active is they don’t have fun when exercising, or don't prioritize their time correctly to exercise. 

I want everyone to say out loud with me, “Exercise is fun!” Besides weight loss, research shows many benefits that come along with exercising which include heart health, stress reduction, improved brain function, healthy skin, greater lung volume and increased energy.

So if exercise makes us happy and feel good how come more people aren’t participating in it? I have found that people tend to put exercise into a time frame. For example, someone may say, “I don’t have an hour to go to the gym so I will just go tomorrow,” or “I only have a few minutes so I will get a few errands done and walk later.” 

I want to encourage you to take time now to do some kind of movement. Movement is life and without motion our bodies become stiff and unable to handle the inevitable pressure of gravity on our bodies. Our bodies are able to adapt to stress but we have to keep them moving. Exercise can be riding your bike, dancing, walking, swimming, crossfit … it can be whatever you want it to be! 

A general rule of thumb is that you want to work different parts of your body and always be focused on strengthening your core and back muscles that help your spine stay strong. It is important to vary the type of exercise done on a daily basis; this helps your body to adapt to different types of motion. Accountability is a huge factor in exercising; I would encourage you to write down how many times a week you would like to exercise and for how long. If you have someone at home that you could exercise with, that would also contribute to helping reach your goal.

Something I really like to do is ride my bike. Being here in Ohio we have some great opportunities to go on trails. I love going on the Cuyahoga Valley National Park Towpath with my husband. You’re able to choose what length you want to ride or walk. You may even see a bald eagle like we did a few weeks ago! It’s the best time of the year right now to be outside with your family and enjoy this time. So what are you waiting for? Get moving and be creative with it, I know you can do it!

Dr. Casen DeMaria

Dr. Casen DeMaria is a chiropractor in Westlake.

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Volume 5, Issue 14, Posted 9:56 AM, 07.09.2013