True Bay pride

Bay High School has closed its books on another successful academic year. But, the success of this particular student body transcends that of the daily studies of English, history, math and science. What this group of young men and women accomplished in the last month of their high school careers is awe inspiring.

Back in May, a student started a Twitter page on which they posted cruel and hurtful comments about other students. This is as much as I will say about the incident, because this is not what this article is about. More importantly, this article is about the reaction of the students and the way they handled the situation.

At first, they lashed back on their own Twitter accounts. However, not knowing who the offending student was may have been a blessing in disguise; disarming the students from saying truly mean things themselves and, thus, stooping down to the offender's level. Their disdain and frustration was, I think, best summed up when one student Tweeted something to the extent of, "Wow! Someone has some anger issues!"

What happened next changed everything.

The police and the school board were both notified and were looking into the situation. But the students decided to take matters into their own hands. Together they started not one, not two, but THREE Twitter accounts: BayHighPRIDE, BayHighLove and BayHighROCKS. Each account is open to all students on one condition: Just be nice.

The response was ovewhelming.

Hundreds of Tweets poured into all three accounts, singing the praises of fellow students. They came together and stood up to a bully, saying, This is not who we are. Negativity will not be accepted here, nor will it be tolerated. They beat hate where hate has no foothold; in the presence of love...

Bay High Love. 

The negative Twitter account was soon taken down.

As a parent of a Bay High student, I was moved by the students' support of their fellow classmen and the way they handled a situation that has become epidemic in this nation (and around the world if you think about it) for far too long. These young men and women (I have to confess here, I almost said "kids", but they have proven to be anything but!) have shown true class and it is my sincere prayer that they carry that class, and a grounded sense of good, with them throughout their lives.

Congratulations Class of 2013! You have made us proud! 

Nathan Conover

I am an arborist and aspiring writer from right in Bay Village!

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Volume 5, Issue 14, Posted 9:56 AM, 07.09.2013