Volunteers plant happiness for local seniors

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  • This walk-in garden was designed by Greg Ernst, complete with an easy-to-use front gate for seniors. 

  • John Meaux and Paul Sutherland were busy making sure the vegetables stay in and the rabbits stay out.

  • Even the hummingbirds could not keep up with Noah and Rebecca Borowski!

  • Ready to harvest with Barb Kopp and Betty Singell

  • Rebecca Borowski knows that every task in life is made easier when you have a loving and supportive mother behind you...and that is right where you will find Jen Borowski!

  • Nikki Haag was a vital part of making this dream a reality!

  • Libby and Eric Peterson kept this project rolling...literally!

  • Paul Lang was busy helping everyone out, all while maintaining a great sense of humor!

  • Only thing sweeter than these strawberries is Emily Haag herself!

  • The Michael Haag Family

  • The Allen Borowski Family

  • New garden...just add water!

  • Anna Haag stood at the ready - willing to help out whenever and wherever she could.

  • Alex Haag made sure the hooks were strong enough to support our tomato tumbler plants.

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