BAYarts dress exhibit continues through July

If you missed BAYarts' opening night exhibition on July 5, make it a point to visit Denise Stewart's intimate and extraordinary invitational show, "The Dress Says It All," through July 31.   

During your visit to the Sullivan gallery, you'll see unusual one-of-a-kind dresses and wildly different fabric. And what's more – for the literary crowd — you'll read and hear each dress speak for itself in a poignant essay about its feelings, thoughts and origin. There's even a lovely color show catalog available.

This is NOT just any show. Why? The idea that artifacts of any sort can speak for themselves is a familiar enough literary trope, but one that I believe is a fresh and clever angle in the conventional visual arts scene. This show combines the two beautifully. 

As one of the show's sculptors, I found the experience fascinating. I'd like to thank everyone at the Sullivan Gallery, especially the tireless Eileen Stockdale, and each and every visitor whose imagination I was able to tweak with my wild notion of a wedding dress (fabricated entirely from used No. 4 cone coffee filters) and who in return gratified and fueled my own creative dynamo.

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Volume 5, Issue 15, Posted 9:52 AM, 07.23.2013