Expanded curbside recycling now available in Bay

Bay residents may now recycle cardboard cartons and plastics No. 3-7 in addition to other recyclable materials. Image courtesy Republic Services

Effective immediately, Bay residents can recycle cardboard cartons (such as milk and juice containers) and plastics No. 3-7 in addition to plastics No. 1 and 2. Please place these items in your green recycle cart to be recycled curbside.

Plastic containers labeled with the recycle symbol No. 1 through 7 are accepted. The plastics must be food, beverage, soap, or detergent containers only – no plastic flower pots, plastic toys, etc. Containers should be emptied, no need to rinse. Caps should be removed.

The cardboard cartons accepted include milk, juice, soy milk, individual serving juice boxes, and chicken or beef broth boxes. The cardboard carton can be plastic or aluminum lined. Please remove caps and straws. Cartons should be emptied, no need to rinse. These cartons are used to make recycled paper products and building materials.

In addition to plastic and cardboard containers listed above, Bay residents can continue to recycle curbside:

  • Metals – aluminum, steel and bi-metal cans from sodas or canned food. Metal caps and lids.
  • Glass – food and beverage bottles and jars only. NO window glass and NO glass from household items such as drinking glasses.
  • All paper and cardboard – junk mail, office paper, paper bags, phone books, gift wrapping, newspapers, magazines, catalogs, clean pizza boxes, corrugated cardboard boxes and non-corrugated cardboard such as cereal and Kleenex boxes.

The curbside recycling was expanded by Republic Services as a result of an upgrade made at its Lorain County Resource Recovery Facility. Bay’s recyclable materials are picked up curbside each week and delivered to the Lorain County Resource Recovery Facility located in Oberlin, Ohio, where the materials are sorted and packaged to be sold to companies that will reprocess or use the recycled materials. According to Republic Services, the redesigned facility can now process up to 150,000 tons of recyclables per year, nearly triple the previous capacity.

All technology in the facility has been updated. Recyclable materials are now separated using state of the art equipment which includes optical scanners (to identify different types of plastic) and magnets (to capture metal). The warehouse space to hold the materials once they are ready for sale has also been expanded. The new system produces less than 10 percent residual waste, keeping more waste out the landfill.

The expanded recycling is available in any community that uses Republic Services for its recycling pick up.  In addition to Bay Village, this includes Rocky River, Avon Lake, Avon, and Fairview Park.

Bay Village recycling tips

  • All recyclable materials MUST be in the green recycle cart to be recycled curbside. Cardboard left on the tree lawn will NOT be recycled and will only be picked up on bulk pick-up days. One option is to use a box cutter to cut up large cardboard boxes and place it in the green cart.
  • Yard waste (including grass clippings) MUST be in a brown paper yard waste bag or in a waste container marked “Yard Waste Only.” You may purchase “Yard Waste Only” labels for $2 at City Hall. Yard waste is delivered to Kurtz Bros. in Avon to be composted.
  • Please do NOT bag your recyclable items when placing them in the green recycle cart. The contents of the bag will be recycled, but the bags themselves are difficult to recycle.

Please donate any usable items instead of placing them out for bulk pick up. A list of area charities that accept donations can be found at www.bayvillagegreenteam.org.

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Why Recycle?

Recycling is an easy way to help reduce pollution. Products made from recycled materials use far less energy than products made from virgin materials. Recycling saves energy – lots of it!

Aluminum: 95% less energy

Plastic: 90% less energy

Paper: 40% less energy

Glass: 30% less energy

Source: National Geographic

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Since the new curbside recycling and yard waste compost program was adopted in May 2011, Bay’s landfill trash has decreased by almost 50 percent. In 2012, Bay recycled and composted 68 percent of total trash, which was one of the top recycle rates of the 59 cities within Cuyahoga County. More details can be found in the 2012 Residential Recycling Report, available on the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District website, cuyahogaswd.org, under Publications.

Brenda OReilly

Co-Chair of the Bay Village Green Team

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