The good and the bad about South Africa

The Ray siblings, Audrey, Evelyn, Iain and Adrian, in the fynbos-covered mountains of South Africa. Photo by Brian Ray

I’ve learned lots and lots of things in South Africa. I learned that mountains aren’t pointy and just rocky but sometimes flat, curvy and has fynbos. I also thought snow was always on the top of mountains but apparently the snow has to fall on them and that doesn’t happen that much in South Africa.

I learned that Native Americans aren’t the only people who lived in the wild because Bushmen did too. They both used the land and the animals to survive

I learned that living in a city like Stellenbosch is noisier than Bay Village. Cars constantly pass us and the high school students across the street have so many noisy events.

I learned many ladies here carry groceries and other stuff on their heads. They also carry babies on their backs.

I liked and didn’t like being homeschooled. I didn’t like it because I missed Mrs. McArn (my teacher) and my friends. I did like it because I got to see my mom all the time because I miss her when I’m at school.

I’m going to miss living in South Africa but at the same time I really want to go home. I’m looking forward to coming home and seeing my family, friends, my dog and my house. I’m also looking forward to summer. (It’s winter in South Africa because it’s in the Southern Hemisphere).

Evelyn Ray is a soon-to-be second-grader at Normandy Elementary.

Evelyn Ray

Evelyn Ray is a soon-to-be second-grader at Normandy Elementary.

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Volume 5, Issue 16, Posted 9:29 AM, 08.06.2013