Why I'm glad I lived in South Africa (and still glad I'm coming home)

Iain and Audrey Ray take drum lessons with Mr. Jonas, djembe master.

Top Reasons I’m Glad I Lived in South Africa:

1) Djembe drum lessons were so much fun!

2) I got to see the white lion and a leopard in the wild and that’s rare and exciting!

3) It was fun hiking in the mountains and finding porcupine quills.

4) I liked watching the baboons in the wild. They are smart like humans because they can open up doors and windows. 

Top Reasons Living in South Africa was Hard:

1) Summers are hot and houses don’t have air-conditioning.

2) Winters are cold and houses don’t have heat.

3) I didn’t get to ride on an elephant.

4) I didn’t like seeing all the poor people.

Top Reasons I’m Glad to Be Going Home:

1) I’m looking forward to seeing my friends, family, my dog and my home.

2) I get to read paperback books instead of my Kindle.

3) I can’t wait to play with my toys, ride my bike and play at my house.

What I Have Learned from South Africa:

1) South Africa is a lot different from home. There are a lot of poor people who don’t have homes. I feel bad for them because if it weren’t for the Apartheid, they probably wouldn’t be poor.

2) The rhino poaching is a big problem in South Africa. The poachers kill the rhinos to sell the horns to some people. The rhino is an endangered animal and there is a ton of “Save the Rhino” information in South Africa to make people aware. I had no idea the rhino was endangered until I lived here. It makes me feel very sad.

Iain Ray is a soon-to-be third-grader at Westerly Elementary.

Iain Ray

Iain Ray is a soon-to-be third-grader at Westerly Elementary

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