Compeer Program thanks the WBV Observer for years of priceless support

The Compeer Program at Far West Center has shared our goals and successes with the community in articles published by the Westlake | Bay Village Observer newspaper beginning in 2010. Time sure does fly by for an active program like Compeer and we are fortunate to have 50 articles that have been promoted by the WBV Observer in print and online! Editor Tara Wendell and the WBV Observer staff continue to offer support to Compeer’s mission to empower adults managing mental illness and assist them in reconnecting with the social network of their communities. 

The opportunity to write for the residents of Westlake, Bay Village and surrounding cities and share our articles is truly priceless support. “Priceless” can refer to no fee for publication which is extremely beneficial to a nonprofit program like Compeer. What is truly meant is that the support the WBV Observer has offered to our Compeer Program from our first meeting in 2010 to the editor’s latest email is exceptional support and indeed “priceless” to us. 

Even now in 2013 mental illness and mental health services are greatly misunderstood. The WBV Observer has given our program an additional and needed voice to reach the public and provide accurate information about mental health recovery. This public voice has benefited Compeer in various ways including the signing on of new volunteers, developing relationships with other community organizations and reaching adults that need our assistance in their recovery. 

Over our past four years working with the WBV Observer we have been able to share with readers about our services in the Compeer Program, our activities throughout the community, the compassionate work of our dedicated volunteers and individual success stories regarding mental health recovery. We have shared our annual celebrations of friendship such as our Annual Winter Holiday Parties at the Bay Lodge, our Annual Summer Picnics at Clague Park and Bradley Woods, and our Annual Compeer Day in May at the Westlake Porter Public Library. 

We have been able to honor our volunteers that were nominated as United Way Spotlight Volunteers. Compeer has been given opportunity to demonstrate the healing power of friendship as it has empowered members in recovery to now become volunteers themselves for assisted living facilities including the Lutheran Home at Concord Reserve. 

Compeer plans to continue our articles in the WBV Observer and continue to inform readers about the significant positive impact that friendship and offering the gift of time can have for adults managing mental illness. We thank our readers and offer an invitation for adults and community organizations to become part of the educational, social, fun and rewarding experience that is our local Compeer Program at Far West Center! For more information on Compeer please call the Compeer Office at 440-835-6212, ext. 242.

It is with sincere heartfelt gratitude that the Compeer Program and the Far West Center thanks editor Tara Wendell and the staff of the Westlake | Bay Village Observer newspaper. Congratulations on your 5th Anniversary and we hope for many more! 

Denise Ayres

The Compeer Program has been serving adults that are managing mental illness from our Far West Center office fo almost 21 years! The Compeer Program is a branch of Compeer, Inc., an international organization. Compeer matches adult volunteers with same gender adult consumers of mental health services to provide friendship, emotional support, and encouragement.

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Volume 5, Issue 17, Posted 9:53 AM, 08.20.2013