Congratulations to our 'small town' newspaper

Congratulations to the Westlake | Bay Village Observer on its fifth anniversary – five years of serving this area with community news, coming events and other features – as reported by those involved in the news, the events and the features.

In a day when other newspapers are going out of business – at least in paper form, or reducing their paper editions, Denny and Tara Wendell made the Observer the go-to place for news, views and articles of special interest to area readers – serving them well. It’s also the place for its many advertisers to reach their customers with their ads for products and services for its readers.

As a lifetime “news junkie” and historian, I picture the Observer as the paper that used to be in small town America – its owners gathering news, setting the type, running the press and distributing copies around town. Sometimes the old ways were the best ways, especially for local news, as the Observer proves twice each month.

Congratulations also to the many writers supplying their words to the paper in so many forms (I recuse myself from judging my contributions in this regard). The writing is terrific – so well-tuned to the requirements of the pieces being written, as is the scope, including poetry. As a writer, I know what a wonderful opportunity the Observer has given us to express ourselves – much appreciated.

Thank you Denny, Tara and all your writers for all you’ve done to keep us well informed in such a special way.

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Volume 5, Issue 17, Posted 9:55 AM, 08.20.2013