Heal your past with day of introspection on Oct. 19

Looking back, some take a stroll down memory lane "lightly" – they bring to mind old beaus, wild friendships, favorite songs from that era, crazy things they did then but wouldn't do now, their favorite pair of jeans or even a funny hat they wore constantly as their signature accessory. Some look to their past to recall and remember happier times, yet others take a more serious look backward with a specific intention, the intention of healing old hurts. 

All humanity exists within the sphere of the trilogy of time consisting of past, present and future. We weave our way through these three, not often realizing how one is affecting and influencing the other. What we bring forward from the past can shape our present day thoughts, habits and actions, essentially how we live our lives.

Do we live in this now moment, or are we somehow chained, held prisoner to a consciousness that was built from past hurts? That hurtful remark a friend or relative directed to you, the put down that you can repeat word for word, it all happened years ago, but for you it burns its way into the future.

Does it have to be like that? Maybe, just maybe, there's a way back, through the gunk into a clearing that looks like a solid present and a brighter future. When one person does a "house cleaning," a truthful introspection, the results can be a future with grand new possibilities. When a Church Center takes on a community introspection,  the walk becomes serious and life changing as individuality gives way to group consciousness with a common goal. 

Unity Spiritual Center of Westlake, as a community, is taking that walk into the past, with a day long event known as HOPCOF – Healing Our Past Creating Our Future. At this day-long introspection on Saturday, Oct. 19, Reverend Judy Grimes will facilitate as nearly 100 individuals delve into their past with the intent of healing old hurts to create a future full of joy, love, harmony and shared sense of purpose. 

Unity offers many classes open to anyone interested on various topics such as forgiveness, healing and releasing, eating holistically, finding a greater sense of life's purpose, how to meditate and all forms of yoga. Some classes are free, others have a nominal fee. Class size is small so attention can be focused on the learner and the topic. 

To view the calendar of class offerings log onto www.unityspiritualcenter. com. The world, our world, can surely be a better, brighter place if we don't let our past hurts permeate and direct our future.

Sharon Fedor

I am on the Board of Unity Spiritual Center.

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Volume 5, Issue 21, Posted 10:13 AM, 10.15.2013