Local business owners, police unite to rescue blind dog

NaNa, the blind poodle rescued from the streets of Westlake, is on the mend at a sanctuary in Port Clinton.

Try to imagine yourself on a fall day walking from one side of the street to the other, hitting your head on the curb, turning around walking to the other side, hitting your head again and repeating this. Frustrating for sure, but even worse you are an eight-pound, blind senior dog not understanding why this is happening or how to save yourself!

Well this is what one local poodle experienced until a Westlake police officer discovered her and called his animal control officer to rescue her. Then animal control officer Jim Wang got busy cleaning her up, gave her a nice cushy bed, lots of love and attention and got to work trying to find a rescue or home for her.

Enter a Westlake business owner that comes to meet her at the kennel and contacts every rescue and person she could think of and a local pet sitter animal activist that gets involved too. The result of all their efforts is a wonderful rescue in Port Clinton with local ties (the owner has a home in Bay and owns a Westlake company) that agrees to take her in.

"When rescue pleas went out for help with the little blind poodle, I immediately jumped in my car and drove to Westlake to get her," said Nancy Benevento-Brown of Island Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary.

She has a new name, new life and lots of love and support. Benevento-Brown reports that NaNa is doing much better now, but will require extensive dental surgery to repair the deep holes in her gums from rotted teeth. She is also underweight and has a heart murmur from the dental problems. To deal with a severe ear infection that caused swelling and deafness, NaNa has begun a program of medication and daily cleaning and is slowly regaining her hearing.

"She now loves to bark to tell you when she is hungry for her special food," Benevento-Brown said. "She has food available to her all day, but her special food is her favorite and she gets as much as she wants. As with most deaf dogs who regain some hearing, she loves to hear her own voice again."

Benevento-Brown estimates NaNa's age at around 10 years, and says that she is potty trained. The sanctuary is taking care of her critical health issues and hopes that a loving family will adopt her, but if not, "she will live here with us in our little nursing home."

Those touched by NaNa's story are trying to help raise money for her dental surgery and raise awareness of this wonderful rescue and their many needy cases.

If you are interested in making a tax-deductible donation of money or supplies, please stop by Trendi Paws!/Just Dogs! Gourmet in the Promenade at Crocker Park or call 440-808-9663. The store is collecting donations through the holiday season for NaNa and Island Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary, 419-960-7487 or toll free 1-855-329-5460.

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Volume 5, Issue 24, Posted 9:53 AM, 11.26.2013