Above and below, the new and the old

A new year, a time to make new resolutions, a time to grow, to leave the old behind, sing Auld Lang Syne, allow the new to emerge, ring in the New Year, watch the ball drop – common phrases we have all heard around this time of the year. But I wonder, what does all that mean for us individually?

As we party here below, the skies above are busy giving us unique configurations, and warm smiles from the round-faced man in the moon. Nineteen years ago was the last time a New Moon (one of the eight phases to our favorite aerial rock) landed on our New Year. In addition to the New Moon, we can glimpse the Blue Moon if we only look up around the end of January.

With all that excitement going on above us, I wondered what thoughts we humans were experiencing as we approach the calendar flipping from 2013 to 2014.

My friend TB feels a wave of freshness coming with the new 2014, where once again we earthlings have a chance to choose how we will live, and how we will treat each other. Once again we get to choose to be better than we were before, she sees us choosing wisely.

My friend GS is sparking his imagination, and feels it's the right time to extract that novel he's been working on out of the hibernation of his mind and into some hard-copy, since he doesn't wish to be "un-done" or "under-done" as Eric Butterworth, Unity poet and philosopher, encourages us not to be.

My mom, at 85, well she's in awe of the new 42-inch flat-screen my brothers thought a good idea to gift her with, but she reminds us all at least five times a day, that the old TV, though not a name brand, had a great picture.

My co -worker JC's thoughts are reaching more and more towards retirement, he was reading how many Americans are retiring to the "new" sun belt, South America, where the article states, you can retire on $1,100 a month very comfortably. He fervently hopes that the greatness has not gone out of America.

My friend LM is grateful for a clean bill of health after badly needed hip and knee surgeries, while my friend MB worries about the effects of chemo since her diagnosis of microscopic cancer.

I'm sure my cats' thoughts are running along the lines of when they will be able to go outside in the backyard again for another feeble attempt at bird catching, the exercise will be good, since they have over indulged in Iams, and their owner can't say no.

And so the world spins as our earth and our thoughts do, fears and hopes, tears and cheers, it's all right here, choose with care, it is "your" New Year.

As for me, I think I'll wink at the man in the moon and see if he winks back!

Sharon Fedor

I am on the Board of Trustees of Unity Spiritual Center, Liason to Centered Wellness at USC, and a proud member of Unity's Outreach Team. 

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Volume 6, Issue 1, Posted 10:06 AM, 01.07.2014