Connecting with family at Christmas

Wow, what a great Christmas I had. I got several nice gifts. Most of them were gift cards for restaurants. I love gift cards to restaurants (hint, hint) because then I don't have to cook, wash dishes or go shopping for food. Speaking of food, there were plenty of boxes of homemade cookies, candy and  yummy bakery. Some of my relatives who were there I hadn't seen in months.   

Christmas morning started out at my oldest son's house with hugging all the kids and getting kissed on the cheek by all the young girls. Yes, it really was a very nice morning. I looked forward to Christmas breakfast for several reasons. Al is getting very good at making a special egg dish, strata. The menu also included fresh fruit juice, great coffee and good conversation.

Christmas is the one time of the year we get to catch up with what everyone in the family is doing. We find out what is going on in the lives of the youngsters all the way up to my group, the mature elders. I guess that's a nice way to say "old." There was information about high school sports to new jobs and recent engagements. All the young people want me to get on Facebook.

As we settled down to a swell Christmas dinner with some kind of roast that was pink in the middle and all the trimmings, the subject got back to me and Facebook. The young people in my family are really persistent. They said, "Come on Grandpa Bruce, please, please, pretty please, Uncle Bruce." I had to put my foot down. NO! I'm getting too old for these tech things like email, Googling, wireless printers, iPads or smart pads or tablets or smartphones, etc.

The only thing I don't have to ask their advice on is my microwave. I can handle that just fine without any help. The only thing I asked them before I left was PLEASE don't ask me to Skype you. It's not going to happen.

Bruce Leigh

Bay Village

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Volume 6, Issue 1, Posted 10:08 AM, 01.07.2014