Snowy owl rescued by Lake Erie Nature & Science Center

Wildlife director Amy LeMonds examines the snowy owl for signs of injury or trauma.

A snowy owl was rescued from the basement of a commercial building in Lorain the morning of Thursday, Jan. 16.

A citizen discovered the bird when they were exploring water leaks in the basement. The area has old access points and chutes that would have allowed the bird to enter, but not necessarily exit, the building.

Amy LeMonds, director of wildlife at Lake Erie Nature & Science Center, responded to the call and was able to safely rescue the owl. Her initial assessment of the animal, performed in the Center’s rehabilitation facility, showed that the bird is extremely weak and emaciated. No signs of trauma have been noted at this time.

As for the snowy owl’s treatment plan, LeMonds says, “At this point, our primary concern for the animal is the stress of captivity. To respect this, we’ll limit our handling to times of treatment. We’ll also focus on rehydration through fluid therapy.”
Snowy owls are the largest North American owls by weight. They are irruptive in this area, making an appearance in some winters but not others. They are covered in thick feathers and have catlike yellow eyes.
As we learn more about the snowy owl’s condition and plans for its treatment, we will update the public.

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Volume 6, Issue 2, Posted 10:14 AM, 01.21.2014