Taking down the Christmas tree

After the emotional high of Christmas parties, gift buying/receiving and looking forward to enjoying the fun with your friends and family, it seems like Christmas is over too soon.

Taking down the tree and all the decorations has always been a drudgery to me. My friend heard my recent lament and shared how she does this task.

Take your time; remember that the tree is a personal thing that has evolved over the years. As you pack each ornament, some hold great memories: the kids' handmade ones from school, perhaps some that survived your early marriage, the super fancy one from Aunt Nell, the  ornament you bought on that special vacation or the one that said on the card "To my best friend."

If an ornament didn't have a special memory, she would name a friend, relative or co-worker: "I dedicate this ornament to so and so for happiness and goodwill in the new year!", and then put it gently in the box for next year.

She says, as she unplugs the strings of small colored lights, she likes to think that each small light represents the good times, fun, blessings and opportunities that await her as well as family and friends in 2014.

The last thing she packs is the angel that, for all these years, sits atop the tree. The glitter on her wings is almost gone, but she seems to say, "It is not the gifts, but the people gathered around the tree that makes Christmas."

All of a sudden taking down the tree wasn't so bad.

Dave scullin


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Volume 6, Issue 2, Posted 10:26 AM, 01.21.2014