Lou Popp wins Dwyer jingle contest

Lou Popp was named the winner of the Dwyer Center's jingle content on Feb. 14.

For the past few weeks, staff at the Dwyer Senior Center have been observed humming and singing after reading entries to the recent Jingle Contest. Members of the community were asked to submit jingles about aging, the senior center or activities that they enjoy participating in.

Numerous entries were received and the staff narrowed it down to the top six and then the final three. Lou Popp won first place with her jingle called "Bay Senior Center." She said she woke up in the middle of the night with the words running through her head. She wrote them down and submitted it in the contest never dreaming she would win first place!

"Where should I go? What can I do? Bay Dwyer Senior Center is the place for you. Check out their activities, on paper and online. It is time to get out – and have a GREAT TIME!"

The committee felt this jingle very nicely represented the senior center.

Coming in second place was Rita Randall with the following jingle:

"It makes no difference what city you are from, at the Bay Dwyer Center you can have lots of fun! You can sit and knit, attend a Lunch-N-Learn and improve your wit! Taking bus trips will let you chat with friends, which without a doubt will turn into a trend. You can read a book, watch a film, exercise or see a doctor all in one day ... and now you can do it completely your way – IN BAY!"

The third place entry was submitted by Linda Herbkersman, an exercise instructor who has been teaching at the Dwyer Center for more than 13 years. Participants in her class are delighted with her humor which they say makes exercising fun.

Here's Linda's entry, sung to the tune of "Show Me the Way to Go Home":

"Show me the way to grow old; someone tell me how to carry on. I took my Metamucil just an hour ago, now I'm reading in the john. Where once my skin was firm, now it's starting to droop in folds. And I'm starting to think that this really stinks – if this is the way to grow old, somebody show me how to stop? It was fun and used to be a snap. So I bought a sexy bra made of ribbons and lace, and it slid down to my lap. Whenever I go out, I take support on which to hold. I go to Denny's at 4 and by 8 start to snore. This just can't be the way to grow old! Then I found me an exercise class, where we squat and lunge and crunch. And we can't help laugh at a grungy old mat; then I join my friends for lunch. I may be older than my teeth; but this is my belief: Our instructor is nuts but we're firming our butts. We may grow older but we'll NEVER grow old!"

Winners of the contest received chocolates and restaurant gift certificates. Readers are invited to check out the Dwyer Senior Center, which is generally open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Anybody wishing to tone up and help ward off osteoporosis might want to join Linda's class on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Join us at the Dwyer Center and have a GREAT TIME!

Deborah Bock

Community Services Director for the City of Bay Village

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Volume 6, Issue 4, Posted 9:30 AM, 02.18.2014