My Little Green Conscience

Out early this morning, for my every-other-day jog,
My visibility not good, due to the seasonal fog.
Felt good and ran fast, like I was running a race,
But truth was I couldn’t see the hands in front of my face.

So I should not have been surprised, when I soon tripped and fell,
Hit my head on a hydrant; a bruise that was so quick to swell.
Undaunted by injury, I continued my quest,
For my eight-and-a-half miles, not ‘til then would I rest!

And, whilst I journeyed, quite impressed with my stride,
I heard the sound of another runner, coming up by my side.
This early in the morning, whoever might it be?
Quite shocked as a little man pulled up right next to me.

Adorned in green, from whence he came – tough to tell,
But he was quite nice, asking, “Care if I run with you for a spell?”
I nodded a “yes,” and he went on to say his name was Shawn,
And informed me that he was this area’s head leprechaun!

He must have sensed that I doubted, his claim of great powers,
For he blinked, and poof, he produced a handful of flowers.
Then he stated, “Me friend, I’m more powerful than you think.”
He shook his head and nodded, then gave a little wink.

Somewhat surprised I said, “So what's your business with me?
I’m not even Irish – my roots are Germany.”
He said, “I’m here to help all – your heritage matters not,”
Then winked and said, “But Germans seem to need my help a lot!

I waved the man off, saying, “Right now all's good for me,”
To which he replied, “That’s the problem – why can’t you see?
You look at the world in terms of it revolving around you.
Ever consider looking at it from someone else’s point of view?”

“For instance,” he continued, “you work hard and often late,
When’s the last time you came home and told your wife she looked great?”
“And you’re always at church; never forget your cash gift,
But when did you last donate time, to give people a lift?”

“Don’t misunderstand,” said Shawn, “I’m not implying that you’re bad,
But we all seem to forget about each other, and that makes me sad.
We all get caught up in money, and other tangible things,
And forget the rewards and riches that the giving of oneself really brings.”

The little guy made sense, and as the end of my run neared,
I thought it more than coincidence that the fog had now cleared.
Thanks to my new buddy Shawn, I’d make more effort to care,
I turned to thank him, but – poof, he was gone – right into thin air!

About Shawn, after arriving home, I considered telling my wife,
And running with a leprechaun – wait – she’d have me committed for life!
Instead I greeted her with a simple comment about how wonderful she looked,
Called the homeless shelter, and then volunteer time I booked.

My wife then told me to go and check out the answering machine,
Something about a “strange message from a man named Mr. Green.”
“You’re off to a good start” – or something like that – he said,
“Don’t make me come back and lay another bump on your head!”

Jeff Bing

Lifelong Westlake resident who dabbles in writing whenever the real world permits. My forte is humor and horror...What a combo!

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Volume 6, Issue 5, Posted 10:02 AM, 03.04.2014