Rehabilitated snowy owl released by LENSC

Gary Fowler and Amy LeMonds of the Lake Erie Nature & Science Center return after examining a ridge at the marina a possible release site.

An emaciated snowy owl rescued by the Lake Erie Nature & Science Center on Jan. 16 was released back into the wild on Feb. 19 at Spitzer Marina in Lorain by Amy LeMonds, the Center’s director of wildlife.

While being cared for at the Center, LeMonds said the owl was thoroughly examined and didn’t appear to be suffering from any other injuries. “We provided the animal much-needed nutrition, delivered medication and allowed time for healing and recovery. We’re very pleased with how well the Snowy has done and are anxious to allow it to return to the wild.”

Prior to release the owl was banded by Gary Fowler, a federal and state permitted master bander. The owl’s band information and other data will be stored at the Bird Banding Laboratory. The owl was released in the Lorain area where other snowy owls are frequently spotted and close to the location where it was found. It will continue its migration to the Arctic.

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Volume 6, Issue 5, Posted 9:35 AM, 03.04.2014