Rehabilitated snowy owl released by LENSC

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  • Gary Fowler and Amy LeMonds of the Lake Erie Nature & Science Center return after examining a ridge at the marina a possible release site.

  • The invited media awaits the snowy owl's release.

  • Amy LeMonds leads Gary Fowler, carrying the covered cage, to the ridge for release.

  • The media treks through the snow towards the ridge.

  • The cage is in place on top of the ridge. LeMonds orients the cage into the wind prior to opening the cage door.

  • LeMonds removes the cover and then opens the door.

  • The snowy owl dashes from the cage and takes flight.

  • Flying again!

  • A short flight to a lamp post to gather bearings. And then, the owl flies to the marina docks.

  • Once on the docks, a neighborhood crow swoops in for a closer look at this new visitor, and land nearby to check out the owl.

  • Not happy about the invader to his turf, the crow repeatedly squawks and dives at the owl as it sits on a pier. The owl merely watches the infuriated crow buzz by. After a few minutes, the crow gives up and the snowy owl takes off, flying north over the lake.

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