Fire and spring

Are you, by chance, feeling anything like I am about the snow, the cold and the ice? Want to throw your hands up in the air and say enough already?

Perhaps we should call on the Wicked Witch of the West from the land of Oz, and revive her line of menace, but turn it around for good – "How about a little fire, Scarecrow?"

The properties, characteristics and legends of fire are fascinating! Fire is commonly associated with the qualities of energy, assertion and passion. There are three astrological signs associated with fire – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. In the practice of alchemy, fire is the prime method of conversion, it is the great transformer. Everything that fire touches is changed, rearranged. In one Greek myth, Prometheus stole fire from the gods to protect helpless humans. Yet today, humans have learned to harness fire and use it for good.

Tired of the same old same old on Friday nights? If the bar and club scene has lost its appeal, try a Friday night fire circle. Unity Spiritual Center of Westlake offers a Friday Fire Circle that includes prayer, meditation and reflection. It runs from 7 to 8:30 p.m., in Unity Hall, every Friday. Bring a journal to record your experience. Releasing the unwanted through the cleansing properties of fire can feel exhilarating.

Anxious for spring? In the U.S., the first day of spring is when the sun crosses the celestial equator moving northward, usually March 21. This celestial movement is known as the Vernal Equinox, and day and night are approximately 12 hours each. Equinox comes from Latin, meaning equal nights.

Come celebrate and honor the changing seasons, and the changes happening inside of ourselves, in a Spring Equinox Ceremony, Potluck and Drumming gathering with Corky Larsen and Barb Clugh of Inner Harmony. There will be a Native American-style ceremony around fire to recognize its power, along with prayers, chants and drumming.

Drum circles are one of the fastest growing holistic health activities gaining popularity in this country. They allow for self expression, sharing and a sense of worthy contribution. The best part about it is you don't really have to be good at it, you can just listen to the beat with an open heart.

Bring your own drum, rattles or rain sticks. Bring a dish to share. Families are welcome. Slow down and become aware of the changes happening all around us: outside, inside, in the air, the water, the earth, the fire.

This celebration of change starts at 6 p.m. on Saturday, March 22, at Unity Spiritual Center of Westlake, 23855 Detroit Road. A love offering is suggested. Need more info? Go to

Sharon Fedor

I am on the Board of Trustees of Unity Spiritual Center

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